Car parks are very often an essential part of your real estate. They are likely to be essential to your tenants businesses.

For retail tenants, ensuring potential customers can find high quality parking spaces close to their shops is paramount. Sounds simple but this is not always the case. Parking spaces must be kept readily available for the users and they must be kept clean, well lit and ideally welcoming.

Spacecare offer a myriad of car park solutions to meet all scenarios and needs.

We are able to work with you to help guide your car park to achieving 'Park Mark Status' - the nationally recognised accreditation for quality parking.

Service we provide include:

  • Parking Patrols
  • Cash Parking Meters
  • Cash on exit Systems (Barriers)
  • Number Plate Recognitions Systems
  • Pay for the time you stay systems
  • Park Mark 'Pathway' Solutions