Business has a significant part to play in helping protect the environment.

We take this responsibility very seriously, our commitment to this area is demonstrated by our certification to ISO 14001, held since 2008.

As an accredited company our operating procedures, working processes and business philosophy is built around ways we can not only reduce our impact upon the environment, but also provide innovative ways to improve and enhance the biodiversity and ecological merits of areas we work on.

For a number of years we have been a 0% to landfill company for all waste streams, ensuring that waste created and collected by the company is 100% recycled, either through composting, recycling or use in RDF.

Environmental Initiatives

  • Removal of chemical interventions
  • Composting
  • Targeted planting enhancements
  • Creating and use of our own mulches
  • Electric Equipment and Vehicles
  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Outside of the points already mentioned which help our customers achieve sustainability on sites through our close working partnerships, we also offer social, sustainable improvements to our clients and their local stakeholders through our companies internal environmental offsetting projects.

We have for a number of years had an internal business objective to ensure we provide voluntary labour to environmental projects that help our customers, their stakeholders and communities reduce their own carbon footprint.

This can be in numerous forms including;

  • Offering free labour to local environmental projects
  • Supporting larger multiple stakeholder projects
  • Donations towards environmental projects
  • Free installation of bug hotels

Find out more about our biodiversity initiatives here

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