Carbon Neutral

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Sustainability lies at the heart of Spacecare's guiding principles.

We have not only heeded our clients' needs but also recognised the broader societal concerns, thereby playing our role in fostering sustainable practices.

Since 2018, Spacecare embarked on a journey towards sustainability with a pledge to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2023, utilising both internal initiatives and external offsetting projects. In truth, our commitment to renewable energy adoption, paperless operations, and zero waste to landfill has been ongoing for years.

Spacecare is now carbon neutral, supporting a number of external offsetting projects in line with the UN sustainability goals.

Our recently outlined Carbon Management Plan communicates our dedication to all stakeholders, detailing the measures taken and those yet to come in reducing our environmental impact.

We have initiated various endeavors to curb our carbon footprint:

  • Transitioning to electric equipment, a process initiated in 2018 with the goal of achieving 100% electric equipment usage.
  • Introducing handheld devices for operational tasks, eliminating paper usage throughout the business.
  • Incorporating electric vehicles into our fleet.
  • Streamlining depot locations and optimising processes to minimise mileage.
  • Installing rainwater harvesting systems across all depots.
  • Implementing energy-efficient LED lighting.
  • Ensuring a 0% landfill rate for all waste streams, with all waste recycled through composting, recycling, or use in Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF).
  • Establishing in-house waste management protocols at depots where feasible, allowing for composting and mulching of green waste to be reused across our sites.

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