Spacecare trial electrical tools(27-07-2018)

Spacecare trial electrical tools

In our industry we have relied solely on fuel powered machinery to carry out our everyday tasks. Although these machines are valuable there are obvious negatives associated namely the noise and air pollution.

As the industry has grown dramatically in the last 20 – 30 years there has been a big reliance on using these machines with little alternative. The aesthetic value of business grounds coupled with little tolerance for debris or imperfections have led to the dependence on using two stroke machineries to maintain high standards. Until now electrical equipment has been deemed unreliable, inefficient and ultimately not good enough. The advancement in these technologies have been revolutionary with machinery now having a battery life of over 800 minutes per session, with the performance to match.

As a 14,001 accredited environmentally conscious company, Spacecare have made the decision to invest in a new range of electrical landscaping equipment. It is our duty as a provider of landscaping to look for the most environmentally friendly, and efficient work place practices for our customers. The investment will see teams based out of our Midlands office trial the equipment to ensure the same level of service delivery.

The switch to electric represents an exciting opportunity and something we remain extremely keen to trial. Although electric landscaping is in its infancy real positives have emerged thus far. With the further advancements in technology we cannot see a reason why electrical tools cannot become a main stream avenue for servicing sites in the future.

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