Biodiversity is as much about what you don’t do as what you do, letting nature take over and carefully planned enhancements go a long way to providing homes, food and creating impactful change to the spaces we work in.

As an environmentally conscious company we are always striving for ways we can enhance the environment and the world we live in and hope to provide ideas to our clients on how to develop sites in a more biodiverse way.

We believe in a place-based approach, building long term partnerships with our clients and local communities and partnering with local stakeholders to improve biodiversity on the sites we work on.

Works we can undertake to help encourage ecological development and minimise the impacts of biodiversity include:

  • Installation of bug hotels to protect insects and invertebrates.
  • Installaition of bird boxes to provide a safe place for nesting birds.
  • Creation of wild flower meadows.
  • Expansion of meadows into amenity grass with rest areas and pathways. This helps to create habitats for animals and insects.
  • Attractive decaying lumber
  • We sponsor bee-hives and create our own honey through hive placement and management - lean more here

We also believe in Public and Social Engagement around biodiversity;

  • Use of explanatory signage on sites
  • Carrying out school and scout group learning projects
  • Development of ‘Garden areas’ – Herb Gardens
  • Use of Bird box Camera’s & Displays
  • Provision of staff to promote Ecological Themes

We engage, encourage and support our stakeholders to implement initiatives to improve their environmental operations - and the recent introduction of our ecological and biodiversity brochure which sets out ideas of initiatives clients can implement on their sites to improve sustainability.

Fill in the form to request a copy of our biodiversity catalougue.

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