Management Systems

We operate a well defined and efficient Integrated Management System (IMS). This system continues to form the back bone of our ISO 9001 accreditation but more importantly, it is a living system, which quite simply lays out the road map of how we run the organisation every day.

It is structured to cover all aspects of our organisation from Operations to HR and Supply Chain Management:

  • Operations and Contract ManagementWithin the IMS we have processes and procedures to deal with every aspect of undertaking our work. This includes the mobilisation of new work, how teams are briefed to care for your sites and how sites are supervised and the quality of our output verified.
  • Customer SatisfactionThe IMS dictates how we measure customer satisfaction. The process(es) used varies depending on the nature of the works being undertaken but include email feedback forms, outgoing follow up calls and monitoring customer 'churn rate. All information collected is collated, set against business KPI's and subject to trend analysis for continual improvement.
  • Supply Chain ManagementAlthough the vast majority of work is carried out by our own employees from time to time it is necessary to engage suppliers and subcontractors. When this happens the IMS lays out the way in which these Companies are assessed, vetted and monitored. We fully understand our responsibility towards your property and this is never delegated.

See our IMS Overview