We have invested heavily in IT to provide us with tools to make our management systems run efficiently. This enables us to control our operations with more precision and to get information back to you the client quickly when the situation calls for it. We use:

  • Resource Planning & Tasking SoftwareMaking sure the right people turn up at your site, on time, with the correct equipment and instructions, day after day does not happen by chance. This software forms the heart of our day to day operational planning and assists the Operations team to ensure that the thousands of service calls we carry out go ahead smoothly. The software also provides the back office for our help desk by logging and recording the many reactive tasks we deal with - ensuring nothing gets missed.
  • Staff Support & Monitoring SoftwareBy the nature of our work our staff often operate remotely. Knowing they are on task on time is vital to delivering efficient services to our customers. Our combined software and hardware applications do just that, whether they be a grounds team carrying out a normal service call, a security officer reporting for duty or a litter attendant attending his place of work. The same systems allow us to broadcast communicate with our staff as well as issue one to one instructions when required.
  • Client Communication Tracking SoftwareYour communication is precious to us. As such all client communication is logged and filed using carefully adapted CRM software. Simply put this means we don't miss things - whether you're giving us new tasks, reporting problems or passing on thanks everything is tracked to ensure action is taken and service is delivered.